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What is A Healthy Diet and Exercise Plan While Expecting?

Feeling your best while pregnant and having the healthiest pregnancy possible means maintaining healthful eating habits and a routine of safe and effective pre-natal exercise. Maintaining healthy eating habits and staying physically active during pregnancy are essentials for your baby and you to be as healthy as possible. Of course, your physical activities and dietary allowances must be kept within appropriate limits. Therefore, include a discussion of nutrition and exercises in your list of questions to ask your gynecologist. You and your healthcare provider can develop the ideal pre-natal health and fitness program for you based on your personal needs during your pregnancy.

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What to Look for in a Breast Self Exam

Regular self-examinations of your breasts can catch cancer before it spreads. Every woman should know the proper way to perform a breast self-exam, and should do the exam monthly. When you familiarize yourself with your breasts, it is easier to identify any changes that may happen. Breast cancer symptoms are often unnoticeable without a professional medical screening. However, some symptoms can be identified early. Being proactive about the health of your breasts can help catch the signs before cancer spreads.

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