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Not sure what to expect at 16, 32, or 40 weeks? Curious to know how your baby is growing throughout all three trimesters?

You have come to the right place! In this download, you can learn more about how your baby is developing week by week, cell by cell.

Don’t just take advice from your friends or family, as every woman experiences pregnancy differently. This baby development chart will take you through each month of your pregnancy, explaining how your child grows and how you will notice their progress throughout your pregnancy.

Plus, we give you month-by-month advice about when to schedule your appointments and ultrasounds, how to deal with your stress and fatigue, and what you can expect as your body changes.

Inside you will find detailed and helpful information on the following:

The weight and height of your baby for every month of your pregnancy.

Changes in your own body that you can expect each trimester.

The steps you should be taking to prepare for your baby to arrive.

Being pregnant and feeling your baby grow and develop is an amazing process, so download this chart to savor every moment of it.


There are nearly 4 million births each year in the United States

11.6% of babies (about 456,000 per year) are born pre-term.

About 130,000 of births each year are twin births and 4,600 are triplet births!

32% of births are via Cesarean section (C-section).

Only 8% of babies are born at a low birth weight.

Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

One of the great things about being pregnant in the Internet age is that the glut of knowledge and data available is bigger than it has ever been. But while the exchange of pregnancy information is happening at warp-speed, a greater data pool means there will be more conflicting information depending on the source and there will be more outright false information spread by malicious users. Our goal is to cut through the static and deliver only trustworthy, verifiable, and medically sound advice.

Here at The Woman’s Clinic, we know that pregnancy can be an exhausting, exhilarating, and exciting time. We also know that it can be a little scary. We want you to know we are here with you!

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