3 Things to Pack for Your Baby’s Trip Home

3 of the Most Important Things to Bring for Your Baby’s First Trip Home

3 of the Most Important Things to Bring for Your Baby’s First Trip Home

The day has finally come! Prepare to take your baby home from the hospital by packing these 3 things.

One of the most useful pregnancy tips for your trip home from the hospital is to pack in advance! Having everything you need will make it much easier to relax and enjoy your new baby as you bring him or her home for the first time.

Do not wait until the last few weeks, assuming you will have time to get your packing done before your big day. That can leave you nervously scrambling to throw a few things in a bag at the last moment, while you and your baby need you to feel calm and unburdened.

1. Clothes for Your Trip Home

Expect to still need maternity clothes (the ones you used at about your 5-month mark). Do not imagine that you will fit into your pre-maternity clothes for your ride home from the hospital.

Take your favorite, cute and comfortable maternity outfit for this important day. Make comfort for you and your baby the priority for this day.

2. Clothes for Baby’s Trip Home

  • Pack baby clothes with comfort over style in mind for your newborn baby to take this first car ride. A cozy sleeper with feet will be optimally comfortable for baby and convenient for you.
  • The hospital will probably provide you with a receiving blanket and baby hat. So you do not need to pack those unless you want to dress up your baby with a prettier blanket and soft hat.

3. A Car Seat

This item is not meant to fit into your hospital kit bag, of course, but just a reminder to make sure you have your legally required car seat properly installed and ready for your baby’s very first car trip.

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