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A New Mom’s Guide To Prenatal Care

A New Mom’s Guide To Prenatal Care

Prenatal care sets you and your baby up for a successful pregnancy and birth. See how this type of care can help you conquer the challenges that pregnancy and childbirth presents.

With dedicated prenatal care, you can actively protect the health of your unborn baby and yourself. The care provided by your OBGYN team is designed to support you and your baby through all stages of pregnancy and birth. The regular checkups and prescreening tests will help you watch for signs of minor to serious health conditions that can be monitored and treated. While receiving prenatal care, you can trust that your care team will always be there to help you through the demands of carrying your child and giving birth. To understand how prenatal screening and care can help you, utilize this new mom’s guide to prenatal care.

Regular Checkups

Your prenatal care checkups should begin as soon as you suspect you are pregnant. Early prenatal care is linked to more positive experiences and outcomes for the mother and child. Your doctor will check your vital signs, assess your health risks and offer support with morning sickness and other issues common during pregnancy.

During the initial 28 weeks of pregnancy, you will likely need to come in to see your OBGYN once a month. You should always attend these appointments even if you are feeling fine and confident all is well. Through the 36th week of pregnancy, you will go in twice a month. Afterwards, it will change to weekly visits for the remaining weeks until you are ready to give birth.

Prenatal Screening Tests

With an initial assessment of your personal risk factors, your OBGYN will determine if you need any prenatal screening tests. Doctors typically perform prenatal testing during the first trimester of pregnancy. The tests accurately screen for health problems in you and your child.

Doctors will perform an ultrasound or other diagnostic tests to check your child for birth defects, down’s syndrome and other potentially serious health complications. Prenatal testing can also reveal if you are experiencing any health problems during the pregnancy, including gestational diabetes.

Prenatal Vitamin Recommendations

As an important part of the prenatal care process, you will likely receive prenatal vitamin recommendations. These vitamins support the health and development of your child, plus give you the nutrients you need to stay healthy throughout the pregnancy. You can work with your OBGYN to find the right balance of nutrients to match the prenatal vitamin recommendations.

Start Your Pregnancy Off Right with Regular Prenatal Care

If you suspect you are pregnant, give you and your child the support you need with timely prenatal care. You can make an appointment right away to confirm your pregnancy and familiarize yourself with your OBGYN. To schedule an appointment for prenatal care, give our team at The Woman’s Clinic a call at 501-222-4175. By coming to us, you will receive our complete support through every stage of pregnancy and beyond.