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Women's Health

We help you maintain good physical, mental, and emotional health, which are all important to the female body.


From pre-pregnancy to postpartum, we are here every step of the way to help you deliver beautiful, healthy babies.


Through annual exams and special screenings, we can prevent, diagnose, and treat disorders and diseases of the female reproductive system.

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The Woman’s Clinic, P.A. offers each of our patients high-quality care from a compassionate and talented team of medical professionals whose primary concern is your gynecologic and obstetric comfort and care. Since the 1930s, our patients have counted on us to provide expert care, often across multiple generations of families from grandmothers to mothers and daughters. This access to premium care for women’s health issues in Little Rock stems from our incredible staff, consisting of both male and female health care professionals who help you stay healthy or recover to full health under our care. We routinely perform annual gynecologic examinations, recommend mammographies, screen for cervical cancer, complete bone density screenings, treat patients with fertility issues, help women suffering from urinary incontinence, deliver healthy babies, and more to provide a complete roster of services specific to women’s health. Using the latest technology and maintaining a focus on overall wellness, our primary goal is keeping you healthy.


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    Can You Refill My Prescription?

    Without an appointment, we cannot fill a prescription. However, current patients can visit the patient portal and have previously prescribed medication refilled online with just a few clicks.
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    What insurance do you accept?

    We accept Tricare, Medicare and most other types of insurance coverage. Call our office before your appointment to ease your concerns.
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    Where do the obstetricians at The Woman's Clinic have privileges to deliver babies?

    All of our board certified obstetricians are the only doctors who provide services at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock.
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    At what age should a young woman have their first gynecologist visit?

    We recommend that women make their first visit to the gynecologist at the age of 18 or when they become sexually active, whichever comes first. If they have questions or other medical concerns prior to becoming sexually active, we can focus the first visit on answering these questions rather than having a full examination unless necessary.

Complete Care

Complete and comprehensive high-quality care for women.


Mammography recommendations.

Menopausal Disorders

Diagnosis and treatment of menopause.


Normal and high risk obstetrics.


Medical care of the female reproductive system.

Cancer Screening

Cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancer screening.

Advanced Laparoscopy

Treatment of endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, and infertility.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Small incisions and faster healing times.

Robotic Assisted Surgery

State-of-the-art daVinci technology.