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Determine if You Are Pregnant by Looking at These Common Pregnancy Symptoms

Determine if You Are Pregnant by Looking at These Common Pregnancy Symptoms

Common pregnancy symptoms can appear early to alert you to the changes happening in your body. Learn what to watch for to help you best determine if you are pregnant before you take an official test at your Little Rock gynecologist appointment.

Before you see your Little Rock gynecologist for confirmation, you might suspect, or perhaps hope, that you are pregnant. As you wait for your appointment, you can assess how you have been feeling and acting lately for common signs of pregnancy. During your visit, you can share your observations with your Woman’s Clinic physician as you wait for the results of your pregnancy test. Here are the most common pregnancy symptoms that appear in the early weeks of gestation.

Strong Sense of Smell

Early in the first trimester, an elevated sense of smell might start to plague your days. When this happens, foods you normally find tolerable or even delectable could leave you sprinting for fresh air. Heightened smell sensitivity is closely linked to morning sickness and food aversions as they frequently appear together.

Morning Sickness

By the fourth week of pregnancy, morning sickness tends to appear with a vengeance. Despite its name, relentless nausea and vomiting may appear at any point in the day. Evenings are typically best, however, for those with severe morning sickness.

Food Craving and Aversions

Although food cravings are often attributed to the preferences of the growing fetus, this symptom can develop at the start of the embryonic stage. Food aversions appear just as quickly, typically right when morning sickness and an elevated sense of smell starts up.


Spotting typically occurs as the fertilized egg implants into the lining of your uterus to start the embryonic stage of gestation. Since implantation also tends to cause cramping, you might write it off as a light period. Until you can confirm at your Woman’s Clinic visit, you can practice healthy lifestyle activities, such as abstaining from alcohol and tobacco, as if you were pregnant.

Breast Soreness

Although your breasts will not need to lactate until after birth, pregnancy hormones cause preparatory changes to occur by the sixth week of pregnancy. With these changes comes tingling and aching of the breast tissue. Your breasts may start to increase in size and change in appearance, especially around the areola.


With all that happens within your body during pregnancy, crushing fatigue can hit early and stick around for the entire nine-month span. Allow yourself to take plenty of naps to restore your energy and give your body the rest it needs throughout the pregnancy. You may find that the fatigue comes with periods of irritability and moodiness, both of which also tend to temporarily resolve with plenty of rest.

Schedule a Visit with Your Little Rock Gynecologist

If you are experiencing any signs of pregnancy, schedule a visit with your Little Rock gynecologist today by calling (501) 222-4175. Our team at The Woman’s Clinic will help you confirm your pregnancy with a quick test and provide the care you need until birth and beyond. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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