How Robotic Surgery Helps You as an OB/GYN Patient [VIDEO] | The Woman's Clinic

How Robotic Surgery Helps You as an OB/GYN Patient [VIDEO]

How Robotic Surgery Helps You as an OB/GYN Patient [VIDEO]




My name is Kim Reynolds, I’m an OB-GYN here at the Woman’s Clinic. I have been here since 2014. My favorite part about working at the Woman’s Clinic is the people. From the five positions, to the support staff, our nursing staff, our front desk, check out, everyone works as a team.

My favorite procedure really is anything that is minimally invasive. I know how busy my patients are and how important it is for them to get back to their family, kids, and work. Even the larger procedures that I do, people are still most of the time able to go home even the same day, and recovery time is now a couple weeks. Where as in the past we were talking about open surgeries, and it would be up to six weeks, which is a significant difference.

One of the devices that allows me to do that is the Da Vinci Robot. It has really revolutionized how I practice. So when a patient is looking a gynecologic surgery, I feel like it’s very important to look at a clinic that has experience with robotic surgery. It significantly reduces risk of bleeding and infection and down time. I definitely think it’s almost a must have.

At the Woman’s Clinic, all five of our physicians do offer robotic surgery. That is something we are all proud of. It definitely provides a comprehensive care for our patients. When I bring somebody into my office to discuss surgery, I definitely want them to feel comfortable with me not only as a clinician, but obviously as a surgeon. They are going to know they’re very well taken care of. I want them to know I would treat them like I would treat my own mom. And that prior to surgery they leave with an understanding of what the surgery is, its purpose, its benefits, and its risks. The great thing about a minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery is that those risks are significantly less. And that is one of the great things that I love about the type of surgeries that I do.

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