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The Most Common Myths About A Gynecologist Exam

The Most Common Myths About A Gynecologist Exam

Myths can lead to confusion as you go into your Little Rock OBGYN appointment. Check the facts to dispel these myths and go into your visit with confidence.

Misinformation runs rampant about the gynecologist exam and what you can expect during that appointment. Without knowing what to believe, you could go into your appointment uncertain about the level of care you will receive. You can prepare yourself for a visit with your Little Rock OBGYN by debunking the most common myths about these exams. Before scheduling your first gynecologist visit, explore the five myths below to learn more about this important care procedure.

Pap Smears are Needed on an Annual Basis

To best detect cervical cancer and other health conditions, women only need to have a pap smear performed once every three years, instead of annually as it was years prior. Most women will not need their first pap smear until 21 years of age, even if sexually active prior to that age. Exceptions to the rule include women with prior results showing precancerous cells, as those cells need to be monitored and observed for changes.

You Only Need to Schedule Visits When Your Pap Smear is Due

Although you may only need to have a pap smear performed once every three years, it is still important to visit your OBGYN annually. During the visits, you can discuss your level of sexual activity and number of sex partners to determine if you need additional health testing performed. Your doctor can also help check your breast health and answer any questions you may have.

Gynecological Exams Always Include STD Screening Tests

Many gynecologists will only run the full span of STD screening tests with an indication of a high level of risk. If you do not share information about behaviors that could be considered risky, your Little Rock OBGYN may not elect to run each test. You should always be completely honest and open with your caregiver to ensure you receive the right level of care.

Only Your Reproductive Health Depends on Regular Gynecologist Exams

Even though gynecologist exams focus on the health of your reproductive organs, skipping these appointments could impact your entire state of well-being. Without regular pap smears, STD testing and OBGYN checkups you could end up dealing with serious health complications without even knowing what you are up against. By partnering with your gynecologist, you give yourself the support you need to stay in great physical health throughout your life.

Call to Schedule an Appointment with Your Little Rock OBGYN

With your newfound knowledge, you can create questions to ask your gynecologist in an effort to make the most of your time. When you are ready to make an appointment with your Little Rock OBGYN, give our team at The Woman’s Clinic a call at (501) 222-4175. We will help you with scheduling your first gynecologist visit and moving through the care process with confidence.