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To get the most out of life, you need to feel vibrant, happy, and comfortable in your skin.

The health providers and staff at The Woman’s Clinic, P.A. treat you as a whole person, understanding that true wellness is a composite of physical, mental, and emotional health. Most of us strive to experience and maintain good health. That’s usually easy, during our 20’s and 30’s. However, if we haven’t paid attention to our bodies, the results catch up with us as we get into our 40’s and beyond.

Stay fit and energetic by attending annual exams, building strong bones, avoiding or addressing bad habits, and learning to balance life’s demands. For patients at The Woman’s Clinic, P.A., forget about needing numerous doctors appointments—we do it all here.

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    Annual Exam

    Women should begin having annual exams with an obstetrician/gynecologist between ages 18 and 21 or when the woman becomes sexually active. An annual exam is an important defense against future health problems. An annual exam is also more than just a Pap test. It includes:

    • Complete medical history review
    • Pelvic exam
    • Pap Test
    • Breast exam
    • Lab tests
    • Health counseling
    • Opportunity to ask questions
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    Bone Health

    Staying healthy as we age means keeping bones strong. For women with risk factors for osteoporosis, we offer on-site scans to help identify signs of the condition that will be performed by an ISCD certified technician.

    Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become fragile and more likely to break. If not prevented or if left untreated, osteoporosis can progress painlessly until a bone breaks. These broken bones, also known as fractures, occur typically in the hip, spine and wrist.

    If you already have osteoporosis, or know you’re at risk, you can live actively and comfortably by seeking proper medical care and making some adjustments to your lifestyle. Your physician may prescribe a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, a regular program of weight-bearing exercise and medical treatment.

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    Getting an annual mammogram – at age 40 or sooner if you have a family history of breast or other cancers – is one of the only three defenses women have against breast cancer today. Regular breast self exam and an annual clinical exam performed by your doctor also aid in early detection.
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    ideal protein

    Good nutrition is a key component of a healthy lifestyle – for you and your baby. Crash diets are unsafe and unhealthy. If you are breastfeeding, a sudden drop in calorie intake can affect the quality of your milk supply.

    Variety and balance are key in any healthy diet. If you are struggling to find the right balance or the time to prepare healthful meals, we recommend trying the Ideal Protien method. It helps re-train your body to live off its own fat reserves by reducing an overproduction of insulin.

    If you are worried about healthy weight-loss, talk to your gynecologist about the right approach for your body.

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    Everyone occasionally has a down day, feels sad or experiences anxiety. Our lives are complex and these can be natural human responses. However when such feelings begin to interfere with day-to-day responsibilities or stand in the way of our happiness in general, it may be time to consult with a mental-health professional.
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    Diseases that can be prevented with vaccines are at a record high. However medical technology reminds us that we cannot take their protection for granted. New diseases emerge and people contract old diseases. Immunizations can help, but they’re not always for everyone.

    The Centers for Disease Control offers comprehensive guidance on vaccinations for specific groups of people, such as by age. Talk with your primary care physician about which vaccines they might recommend for you.

      We are happy to offer basic information on the following:

    • Seasonal Flu Vaccine
    • Twinrix®
    • Cervarix®
    • Gardasil®
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Can I come in for my annual exam if I have my period?
Light spotting shouldn’t interfere with your exam, however bleeding can affect the outcome of the exam, so you should reschedule your appointment. To reschedule, call an appointment scheduler at 501-222-4175 or log-in to our secure patient portal to request a new appointment.
What is a co-payment?
When you have fee-for-service health insurance, your insurance company will typically approve and pay a percentage of your medical bills. You are responsible for the balance due, which is called your co-payment or coinsurance.
Why can’t you use the health insurance I have on file with the hospital?
The Woman’s Clinic is an independent physician practice with its own administrative systems and medical records. It’s in this way that we can provide you individualized, specialized services. Our physicians have privileges at other hospitals to deliver babies and perform surgeries, but we do not share patient information otherwise.