FAQ With Our Doctors: Part 1 [VIDEO] | The Woman's Clinic

FAQ With Our Doctors: Part 1 [VIDEO]

FAQ With Our Doctors: Part 1 [VIDEO]



Dr. Brian Burton: “I’m Dr. Brian Burton I’m a OBGYN here at the Woman’s Clinic and I’ve been here since 2010.”

Dr. Jill Jennings: “My name is Jill Jennings and I’m an OBGYN here at the Woman’s Clinic, I started here in 2012.”

Dr. Michael Cope: “My name is Dr. Michael Cope. We have a great bunch of physicians and nurses, and staff, with a fantastic attitude.”

How do I prepare for an appointment with my gynecologist?

Dr. Michael Cope: “Before you come to the gynecologist, the very best thing you can do to prepare for the visit is to know your medical history as best as you can. It’s so important that we know all of the things about you, about your past medical history, your past surgeries, your allergies, your medications that you take. In order for us to take the best care of you we need to know where you’ve been in the past and where you are now.”

How often should I go to the gynecologist?

Dr. Brian Burton: “You should go to the gynecologist at least once a year. Pap smear guidelines have changed, and so women think that their appointment to the gynecologist should correlated with their pap smears but that’s not the case. You should come once a year if not more often.”

Mammograms are the only way I check the health of my breasts, is that okay?

Dr. Brian Burton: “Mammograms are important for you breast health. The breast cancers that I have picked up, or diagnosed, most of those women have felt on themselves and have said, “hey, I have this spot what do you think?” I think it’s important to do self exams as well as mammograms, and those should be done every year starting at age 40.”

Should I have a primary care doctor, or can I see you for all of my needs?

Dr. Michael Cope: “Many of our patients have a great relationship with their gynecologist and that’s the only doctor they want to see. But we recommend that you have a primary care doctor to kind of be the captain, so to speak, of your healthcare.”

Dr. Jill Jennings: “If people have long standing issues and need to be on blood pressure medicines, cholesterol medicines, have diabetes, it really is best if some of those long term issues are followed by a primary care doctor.”

For any other questions about pregnancy, or your gynecologist, contact The Woman’s Clinic at (877) 455-1492 to make an appointment today!

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