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How to Ensure Your Baby is Secure in Their Car Seat for the First Ride Home

Once your baby is ready to go home, your first step as a parent is making sure your baby is secure in the car seat. Here’s how to accomplish this vital step and begin your journey into the joys of parenthood. The term precious cargo suddenly feels all too real as soon as your little one enters this world. The stress of making sure your baby is secure in the car seat for the first ride home can really take a toll on new parents. Thankfully, you can skip stressing out and simply focus on securing your baby and car seat in the right manner. Here’s how to approach this incredibly important task.

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Stop Your Period and Reduce Incontinence with These 2 Procedures [VIDEO]

Transcript My name is David Shenker, I am a doctor her at the Woman’s Clinic and I’ve been here since 2008. Today I want to talk about two procedures that we do here commonly, and all of us do them. The reason I want to talk about them is because I feel like most of my patients don’t even know that they exist. The two things that we are mostly hearing about are really heavy periods, we call that menorrhagia. And the other one is incontinence, or leaking urine later in life. These are two problems that we hear often here, but patients aren’t aware that we have some pretty simple out patient procedures that can really be rewarding and beneficial for them, and the results are really good for them. So the first one is for heavy periods is called an endometrial ablation. Some people may have heard of… Read More

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5 Vaccines Every Woman Needs

Which vaccinations are important for protection of women’s health? Here are the top 5 that we recommend! According to the CDC, women should receive annual assessment of infection risks due to health, age, occupation, travel, lifestyle, and history of vaccinations. At The Woman’s Clinic, our gynecologists in Little Rock offer many kinds of vaccines so that you can stay healthy and keep doing the things you love. In addition to coming in for an annual visit, we recommend that you get the following vaccines!

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