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What to Look for in a Breast Self Exam

Regular self-examinations of your breasts can catch cancer before it spreads. Every woman should know the proper way to perform a breast self-exam, and should do the exam monthly. When you familiarize yourself with your breasts, it is easier to identify any changes that may happen. Breast cancer symptoms are often unnoticeable without a professional medical screening. However, some symptoms can be identified early. Being proactive about the health of your breasts can help catch the signs before cancer spreads.

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The Ultimate Hospital Packing List for Expectant Moms

Be prepared for your hospital stay while waiting to deliver your baby. Make your hospital stay as comfortable and convenient for yourself as possible by packing your hospital survival bag in advance. There is nothing like knowing you are fully prepared and well-equipped to give you confidence and peace of mind that you are ready. One of the most useful pregnancy tips for your delivery day is to pack in advance for your hospital stay. Having everything you need will make it much easier to relax and be as comfortable as possible, and calmly wait for your new baby to make his or her grand entrance.

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