Packing List for Expectant Moms

The Ultimate Hospital Packing List for Expectant Moms

The Ultimate Hospital Packing List for Expectant Moms

Be prepared for your hospital stay while waiting to deliver your baby. Make your hospital stay as comfortable and convenient for yourself as possible by packing your hospital survival bag in advance.

There is nothing like knowing you are fully prepared and well-equipped to give you confidence and peace of mind that you are ready. One of the most useful pregnancy tips for your delivery day is to pack in advance for your hospital stay. Having everything you need will make it much easier to relax and be as comfortable as possible, and calmly wait for your new baby to make his or her grand entrance.

Do not wait until the last few weeks, assuming you will have time to get your packing done before your big day. That can leave you nervously scrambling to throw a few things in a bag at the last moment, while you and your baby need you to feel calm and unburdened.

Manage your delivery day by preparing your hospital bag in advance, at about 34 weeks into your pregnancy. Use the list below to help you pack your hospital bag, so that you can grab and go when the time comes to deliver your new baby.

1. Important Documents

  • Driver’s license or other photo ID
  • Health insurance card
  • Required hospital documents (if any)

2. Your Birth Plan

If you have made any special birthing arrangements, take written instructions with you.

3. Eyeglasses

If you wear glasses, make sure they make it into the bag.

4. A Soft Pillow

Having your own pillow can be very relaxing. And, it prevents problems with potentially uncomfortable hospital pillows. Bring one for your partner, too, if needed for an overnight stay.

5. Sleepwear and Underwear

  • Your own cotton nightgown will be so much cozier and comfortable than the hospital gowns.
  • A robe will be handy for when you want to walk the hallways.
  • Several pairs of undies are a must (briefs, maternity, or disposables like Depends) if you do not want to wear the mesh underwear the hospital gives you after delivery.
  • A bathrobe, a nightgown or two, slippers, and socks

6. Slippers and/or Heavy Socks

It is much more pleasant and cozy to wear your own footies or slippers to keep your feet warm and clean while in bed or walking on cold tile hospital floors.

7. Relaxation Items

  • A microwaveable heat pack, for a little quick sense of relief during labor pains. Get one that molds to your body. To find out which heat pack is most appropriate for you, add it to your list of questions to ask your gynecologist.
  • Back massager
  • Massage lotion or oil
  • Squeezable stress-relief ball
  • Anything that can help you relax

8. Magazines, Music, Movies

Bring your tablet and settle in, in case of a long wait for delivery, if necessary.

9. Snacks

This isn’t a necessary item, but bring enough snacks (and candies) for you and your partner. Snacking will help you keep up your energy levels and stay distracted if you have a long wait time or if you just need a treat!

10. Hair Care Items

Bring a comfortable headband or ponytail holder, if you need one to help keep hair off of your face during labor.

11. Toiletries

Having your own hygiene products is essential for comfort while you are in the hospital.

  • Facial wipes
  • Shampoo
  • Hairbrush (and maybe even some dry shampoo) to use before taking the first photos with your baby.
  • Body wash
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Moisturizer
  • Hand lotion
  • Lip balm

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